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Foothill Quilt Guild 2022 Challenge

March 19, 2020, we were advised to “Shelter in Place”, COVID had arrived. Our lives would change - not for the three months we anticipated, but for 2 years to come.

Vaccines became available in December 2020, and we experienced a period of hope. Our lives would return to normal. We had a period where we felt relatively safe with other vaccinated individuals.

“Hope-a feeling of expectation or desire for something to be.”

Unfortunately, variants were identified, and we felt loss, as we isolated back down into our small, safe bubbles of people.

“Loss, the state of grief when deprived of someone or something of value”.

There will be emergence from this pandemic, so let’s develop a quilt that reflects our hopes and dreams of this new world.

“Emergence, the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after concealment.”


Develop a quilt that measures 22” round, square, other shape, or 22” x __” and highlights your hopes and dreams of “Emergence” into a post-Covid environment.  (22 must be somewhere in the quilt’s measurement)

Ideas, but not limited to:

Your Emergence Quilt will be presented anonymously at the March 2022 FQG Meeting and remember:

Have fun with this!

Sharon Rizzato,
Challenge Quilt Chair

See the quilts and their inspiration from our 2020 Challenge.