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Activities:  “Inspiration” Challenge

The challenge for 2020 is to get inspiration for a quilt from a magazine.

To do this:

1) Find any magazine (other than a quilt magazine).

2) Turn to page 37 (picked because the guild is 37 years old).

3) Use something on that page to inspire your quilt.


1) You don’t have to use the first magazine you find.  You can look around until you find a picture on p.37 that inspires you.  You must be able to tear out and keep the page, though, so a library magazine won’t work.

2) Your task is not to recreate the page but be inspired by it.  See examples below.

3) Your quilt must be 16” x  20”.  Or 20” x 16”, your choice.

4) The magazine page must be inserted into the page protector provided and be displayed along with your quilt.

5) Quilts are due at the March 9, 2020 guild meeting, which will be our Challenge Reveal meeting.

Cost to enter:


. Questions?  Colleen Voet 916-771-0259 or colleenvoet@gmail.com

              OR Shellie Fisher 916-759-0856 or crafter.fisher56@gmail.com


This magazine page:

Inspired this quilt:

Yes, we all know roosters don’t lay eggs.

Although this one tuned out well, we’re not allowing quilt magazines.